Driveway Pebbles, Good Or Bad

Driveway Pebbles

Pebble stones refer to lose rock formation, and we know any stone which is smaller than a cobble yet larger than sand to be a pebble stone. Driveway pebbles speciality is that we use them in the driveways to make it look stylish. Adding pebbles is a good idea as it renders a fresh look to the house and everything seems to be right in place with it. Pebble stones are as consistent as rocks, sands, and even a few types of clay.

However, before renovating the house or bringing some new change to the interior, it is necessary to know what is right and what is not. In this way, one will have an idea about the innovation one can do and also about the new designs available in the market. Similarly, while deciding to add pebbles in the driveway, one should better look at the pros and cons of using it. When one intends to add different varieties of pebble stones, one comes to know that there is a lot one can do with the driveway while keeping up with the trends of modern times.

It is essential to cut down the selections and options while considering driveway pebbles stones or any other material. Among different choices, it is better to prefer gravel and asphalt, which prove to be the best choices for driveways. However, one still has to consult a professional and ask him whether the particular is suitable for one’s driveway or not. Like every other material, pebble stones also have some merits and demerits to them. Before going for them, it is crucial to consider the following pros and cons.


  •   If someone intends to bring some changes in the driveway, then driveway pebbles are the best option. Pebbles are economical and have a significantly less price.  They are even cheaper than asphalt and gravel.
  •   For those who want to make their driveway look stylish, driveway pebbles are the best option, especially the one in black and grey give a perfect and trendy look to the front of the house.  Pebbles bring substantial changes to the look of the home, and the pebbled area will stand out from the entire house.
  •   Pebbles driveways are most comfortable to maintain. All one has to do is to rake the stones and fill the empty spaces with new pebbles. It does not require any high maintenance.


  •   The installation process, as compared to other methods, is relatively easy. For loose stones, specifically, the installation phase is a piece of cake. All one has to do is to lay it on properly with the help of a professional.
  •   Pebbles offer a large room for customisation. One can add the stones while keeping their choice in front, and it does not cost much as well


  •   For people living in areas where it snows, pebbles are the worst choice. One cannot remove snow without ruining the entire pavement. It is nearly impossible to remove snow without eliminating stones.
  •   As compared to other materials, pebbles accumulate filth quickly and cleaning it is even more challenging than removing snow. So, for people who live in dusty areas or are busy, the pebbled driveway is not worth it
  •   Pebble stones are not suitable for those who have heavy trucks coming through all the time, as there are chances that the pavement may get destroyed easily.
  •   In the pebbled driveways, if any stone damages, we cannot repair it without replacing it entirely. So, for people with a low budget, it can get challenging to maintain such driveways. Please visit for more information.