Birds Netting An Old Way But Still Beneficial

Bird is a beautiful creature if we think deeply we can observe that there are enormous types of birds, each with different colors, voice, nature and structure. No matter how beautiful it may seem to see a bird flying and making soothing noises, it is important to restrict their access to certain places. There are certain areas such as: high voltage areas (power houses) and other sensitive places like it which require restricted access which means even birds cannot fly inside the vicinity now how to constraint this cute creature from entering inside such spots brings us to the topic of bird netting. Go here for more information about bird exclusion. 

Bird netting is something which was introduced by the old school thoughts, to save the crops from getting eaten and destroyed anyways; bird netting a simple way to restrain the birds from entering to any spot comes in different shape, structures and sizes. The most common form is known as ‘small mesh’ which has 1 to 2 cm square which means birds can poop from it but cannot enter inside. There are so many things which can keep the net properly intact to the targeted area, it can be welded or/and bolted depends on the surface and the strength of the wall. The material is quite durable from which it is made such as: polypropylene or woven polyethylene. There is an issue with this style of restriction that is if not installed properly birds may get trapped in that net and again human intervention is required to let the bird go free (which is yet another drill). It is better to install the bird repellent net properly and carefully to facilitate one.

In some countries where harming birds or any other animal is offenses people get arrested as a result of birds get caught in the net. It is pertinent to mention that these nets are there to restrict the entrance and not to kill them completely hence whenever there is any net incidents people report it to the animal welfare, as a result owner of the premises gets into some serious trouble. There are certainly some dos and don’ts related to this idea of netting i.e. one must not supply current in the net wires as it becomes really fatal and dangerous not only for the birds but also, for the life of human beings. It creates like an electric foil over the head of residents which is just not healthy and safe in any way. It is recommended to seek professional help if one really doesn’t know the real mantra of installing a bird net. Birds are beautiful and they must stay safe so installing bird netting Seaford responsibly is out foremost duty especially on such spots where electric exposure is normal.